How we work

Process management is the basis of WIEDEN’s operation. Proper project flow from the sales to the service is a guarantee that our clients and employees can always rely on us.

We create ideal conditions for employees and cooperating entities for safe work in our facilities and during installation on the construction site. Health and safety is a priority for all of us.

In all our activities, we emphasize environmental responsibility and minimize the negative effects associated with it. Projects, where we participate, achieve highest ratings within LEED and BREEAM certification.

Teamwork and human resource development are the basis for fulfilling our goals.

We hold the certificates ISO 9001: 2016, ISO 14001: 2016 and OHSAS 18001: 2008.

Initial concept and optimization

The priority is to understand the needs of each client, design a technical and pricing solution tailored to the individual project and the planned course of implementation. In case of timely cooperation on the project concept, we are looking for the most optimal solution together with our clients.


The experience we have gained in the design and implementation of a number of projects in various European countries helps us to develop optimal solutions for facade cladding for our clients. The team of designers use the latest technology and always work to meet the aesthetic requirements of architects and applicable technical standards.

Production and logistics

In our two modernly equipped production plants, we are always looking for a solution for maximum product prefabrication thus achieve higher efficiency when installed on site. Cooperation and capacity sharing provide us with sufficient flexibility to meet our obligations to clients.


We use proven technological procedures during installation and at the same time we try to innovate them with new technologies. As well in all other activities, the main priority for us is the safety of our employees and all people on the projects.


The project does not end with the handover of the work for us, it passes on to the next phase, where our service technicians maintain the standard of delivered product and help the client in emergency. Our priority is quick feedback to clients and timely planning of service interventions.

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